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Pressure sensitive adhesive composition what

29 Sep 2019

Pressure sensitive adhesive composition what

Take silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive as an example.

It is known to be composed of 1000g high peel pressure-sensitive adhesive, 1g low peel pressure-sensitive adhesive, silicone viscosifier, platinum vulcanizing agent, bridging agent (coupling agent), etc.

Pressure sensitive adhesive formula

Pressure - sensitive adhesive in addition to the adhesive (the main raw materials), but also to join the viscosifier and other auxiliary materials.

(1) adhesive (main material)

The adhesive of pressure-sensitive adhesive has rubber or synthetic resin and other materials, its role is to give the adhesive layer enough cohesive strength and adhesive relay, used for 30%-50%;

Silicone pressure - sensitive adhesive is mostly methyl vinyl silicone rubber material.

(2) the tackifier

Common viscosifier has rosin and its derivatives, petroleum resin and so on, its function is to increase adhesive force of adhesive layer.

Its dosage is 20%-40%;

Conliberdo USES silicone viscosity enhancer kl-297 kl-298, etc.

(3) curing agent

One kind makes adhesive solidify additive material, can let adhesive solidify accelerate, thorough.

The silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive is usually added with platinum vulcanizing agent, or platinum water alone.

The first three kinds are more important parts of pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The last three can be added selectively.

(4) plasticizer

The plasticizer that USES is the plasticizer that general plastic processing USES, its action is the fast viscosity that increases adhesive layer.

The dosage is 0-10%;

(5) stabilizer

General rubber, plastic antiaging agents are available, the role is to improve the service life, the dosage of 0-2%;

6 packing (filler)

The filler used is the general plastic filler, the function is to improve the adhesive layer cohesion strength, reduce the cost, the dosage is 0-40%;

In addition, some pressure - sensitive adhesive, also need to add viscosity regulator, solvent.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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