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Overview of the use of glue

08 Aug 2018

Overview of the use of glue

1、Brushing method:Apply the glue to the surface of the adherend with a brush or a pen. The brushing method is suitable for painting any surface of the shape, and the glue which is large in viscosity and fast in volatilization cannot be brushed. When brushing the glue, follow a direction, do not reciprocate, slower, so as not to bring in bubbles. The brushing method has low production efficiency and poor working conditions.

2、Spray method: The glue is sprayed on the surface of the adherend with a glue gun. The spray is characterized by uniform thickness of the glue layer, high production efficiency, and suitable for bonding of a large area. Since the glue used for spraying requires a low viscosity, it contains a large amount of volatile solvent, so it is not safe to pollute the environment.

3、Dip coating method: It is a process for coating an adherend into an aqueous solution of glue or a dispersion of glue. It is suitable for small, thin and complicated adherends. It is simple in equipment, low in glue consumption and high in production efficiency. The immersion method commonly used is manual method, rotary dip coating method, centrifugal dip coating method, vacuum dip coating method, transmission dip coating method, etc.

4、Scratch and spread: A metal or non-metal scraper is used to scrape the paste or paste glue onto the bonded and sealed parts.

5、Rolling method: It is immersed in the glue first by the roller and then transferred to the surface to be bonded or coated. It is suitable for the coating of pressure sensitive adhesive and hot melt adhesive. The method is uniform in coating, can be single-sided or double-sided, has high glue application efficiency, and is suitable for continuous large-scale production, and has the disadvantage of large equipment investment.

6、Injection method: The glue is put into a special container, and then injected into the outside of the joint, the circumference, etc. by manual, mechanical, pneumatic and the like. For example, injection molding with a syringe is the simplest tool. This method saves glue and is simple and suitable. It is useful for sealing plugging and bonding spot welding.

7、Separate the glue method: Apply two components of two-component reactive glue (such as fast-setting acrylate glue) to the surface of two adherends, and then laminate the two to form a bond. Convenient, no need to mix, avoiding waste.

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