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Medical pressure sensitive adhesive

30 Jul 2019

What does medical pressure-sensitive glue have?Medical pressure-sensitive adhesive is composed of elastomer and viscosifier resin.According to the raw materials: natural rubber, SIS, SBS, acrylic copolymer, silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, polyurethane and so on.Kanglibang today summarized the medical pressure sensitive glue information for everyone free inquiry.

Medical pressure sensitive adhesive

Medical rubber pressure sensitive adhesive

As natural rubber aging, often need to add a variety of adjuvant.It has oil solubility, after sticking apply, often can be dissolved by human body surface and internal secreted adipose composition place, cause skin allergy and sticky relay to drop.

SIS, SBS type pressure sensitive adhesive for medical use

SIS, SBS and other elastomer based hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, with colorless and transparent, non-toxic and odorless, good adhesion, aging resistance and other advantages, widely used in women's health products and infant diapers and other areas.

Alpha cyanoacrylate for medical pressure sensitive adhesive

Advantages of short bonding time, but brittle adhesive layer, decomposition inevitably produce formaldehyde;

Pressure sensitive adhesive for dental treatment

Easy to be affected by temperature, strength, physiological environmental factors and easy to lead to unstable adhesion.

Medical bio-pressure sensitive adhesive

The decomposition products have good biodegradability and biocompatibility, and many biological, chemical, clinical and physical factors must be considered in the development process.

Development trend of medical pressure sensitive adhesive: due to the growing demand, is an important direction for the development of the application in the drug through skin pass release system, it can guarantee the system keep close contact with the skin, make the drug skin permeability according to the speed of the design, it also can be used as drug storage library skeleton or viscous controlled release materials, play an important role in pesticide applying directional and controlled release.At present, the completely ideal medical pressure-sensitive adhesive has not been developed successfully, there are many problems to be solved, and people still need to further explore and develop.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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