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Liquid silica gel sticks to nylon

05 Nov 2019

Liquid silicone adhesion nylon why not, more and more liquid silicone products use liquid silicone adhesion nylon process.

The main industries are silicone tableware, infant products, smart wear, 3C and other products.

Why does liquid silica gel stick nylon not stick, what is the production process?

Liquid silicone adhesion nylon

What problems should be avoided?

Nylon is honeycombed and absorbent.

In particular, long standing nylon, prone to non-stick, or blistering problems.

How to avoid it in production?

One, before production should be placed in the nylon oven baking, moisture removal.

Or hang in the sun.

2, cleaning: nylon surface treatment with solvent chemical treatment (alcohol, etc.), to remove oil and dust.

A lot of manufacturers choose white electric oil cleaning, cleaning is not in place, causing non-stick.

(the reason can be consulted manufacturer does not make a statement here)

2. Glue coating: apply the silica gel adhesive cl-24s-15 evenly to the nylon (PA) to be glued by brush coating or dipping or spraying.

(picture of placing cl-24s-15)

4. Drying: bake cl-24s-15 coated nylon (PA) at 110-130for 15~20 minutes.

Five, bonding: unvulcanized silicone and nylon high temperature die-casting or hot air vulcanization bonding.

Note: some customers in the production of liquid silicone adhesive nylon, there is the phenomenon of mold adhesion.

Because of the universality of silicone adhesive, in addition to nylon has a strong viscosity, also has a certain viscosity to metal.

Die should be done first coating (nickel plating, iron fluoride, chromium plating, etc.), coating is very inert, not adhere to silicone and adhesives.

Or in step 4, bake dry after gluing.

The liquid silica gel reacts completely with nylon in the mold.

Can reduce the bad, improve the good product.

It is believed that there are many silicone leather manufacturers concerned about the environmental protection of conlebon silicone adhesive, this glue of conlebon has passed SGS ROSH,REACN and other certification.

High environmental protection level.

KANGLIBANG is to creat solution for your problem with bonding silicone, welcome customer inquiry to us.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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