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Liquid silica gel is very different from solid silica gel

10 Sep 2019

Liquid silica gel and solid silica gel have their own advantages. Depending on what products are used, some products cannot meet the requirements of liquid silica gel, so they must be cured. Some solidified silica gel cannot meet the requirements of liquid silica gel, such as the one with high hardness.

Liquid silica gel

Liquid silica gel has excellent transparency, tear strength, resilience, yellow degeneration resistance, thermal stability, water resistance, good air permeability, heat resistance to aging and weather resistance, at the same time, moderate viscosity, easy to operate, high transparency of products, you can see whether there are bubbles in the casting materials in the mold and other defects.Liquid silica gel has good fluidity, quick vulcanization, safety and environmental protection, and can completely meet the requirements of food grade.

Application: liquid silica gel can be used in trademark, products, pacifiers, medical supplies, coating, dipping and perfusion, etc.It is widely used in electronic industry as moisture-proof, consignment, insulation coating and sealing material for electronic components, and plays the role of dustproof, moisture-proof, shockproof and insulation protection for electronic components and components.

Solid silica gel industry is water glass (sodium silicate) as raw material, hydrolyze in acidic medium to produce gel, and then through aging, washing, drying and other processes into silica gel, according to the water content of the different, translucent or white solid.Commercial products are irregular granular, spherical, microspherical silica gel, the latter has better wear resistance, commonly used as a catalyst carrier in fluidized bed operations.When used as catalyst carrier, silica gel is usually soaked in the solution containing catalytic active components, so that the solution is absorbed in the pores of silica gel, and the active components are distributed on the surface of silica gel through drying, activation and other procedures.The pore structure of silica gel has important influence on the properties of supported catalyst, such as pore volume and pore size distribution of silica gel.

Solid silica gel features: excellent transparency;Excellent tear strength (≥35N/mm);Excellent resilience, resistance to yellow degeneration and heat resistance to aging;Excellent thermal stability and weather resistance (operating temperature: -60℃ ~ 250℃);At 20℃, the safe operation time of A/B components mixed in the sealed state is 5 days, and the safe operation time is shortened when the temperature rises.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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