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How to use invisible bra glue

05 Sep 2019

Recently, many customers have had a lot of questions about the use of bra glue. Below small make up on invisible bra glue use method to carry on explanation. Kanglibang silicone gel kl-6638

bra glue

Kl-6638 is AB two-component invisible bra glue. Suitable for room temperature coating and cloth bra.

(1) recommended use ratio: 6638A:6638B=3:100(weight ratio); Weigh the materials in proportion and mix them evenly.

(2) use coating method or calendering method to evenly spread silicone glue on silicone, EVA, PVC or cloth and other substrate;

(3) 90℃ bake 540 seconds or room temperature standing for 60 minutes.

Invisible bra glue - silicone gel kl-6638 notes

(1) users should be based on the type of substrate, coating thickness and climate conditions (environmental temperature, humidity), etc. In high temperature and humidity climate conditions, users should increase the ratio of curing agent on the original basis by 5%~10%.

(2) be glued to the surface of the substrate to be clean and dry, no dust, grease.

(3) coating process should pay attention to check, control adhesive viscosity; Adequate coating, and fully mature.

(4) coating must maintain a good fit for the environment, the operation of the workshop is recommended to use dustless treatment, temperature control in 25 ~ 35℃, humidity control in 15 ~ 60%. Too much dust will lead to undesirable increase, too low temperature will lead to poor leveling and falling adhesion, too high humidity will easily lead to film shrinkage, too low humidity will easily lead to electrostatic safety hazards, surface whitening phenomenon.

(5) the prepared adhesive should be used up within 1 hour. If the adhesive viscosity is significantly increased or the gel appears, please stop using it.

6. Glue mixture after use should pay attention to ventilation, and wear appropriate labor protection tools. Keep away from fire, high temperature and static electricity.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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