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How does the silicone rubber seal stick

20 Feb 2020

The common types of sealing strip are rubber sealing strip, silicone rubber sealing strip, septum sealing strip, which is used in the fields of car doors, doors and Windows (Windows), refrigerator preservation, etc.

Today, we are going to learn about how silicone rubber seals stick to aluminum alloy, glass, etc.

Kn-300 high quality silicone strip bonding glue developed by KANGLIBANG strip glue factory has advantages of convenient use, good sealing effect, high temperature resistance and excellent weather resistance.

Suitable for u type silicone seal strip, high temperature resistant silicone seal strip, silicone foam seal strip under normal temperature bonding aluminum alloy door frames, glass doors and Windows.

Sealing strip glue

Glue is selected according to different sealing strip materials, such as rubber sealing strip. Room temperature glue that can stick to rubber, EPDM sealing strip is a sealing product produced from EPDM raw materials in rubber.

The same sealing strip shall use suitable glue according to discrete bonding requirements.

For example: silicone rubber seal adhesive glass, aluminum alloy with kn-300 silicone glue;

Self-adhesive foaming silicone sealing strip is produced by the cl-14 silicone back glue on one side of foaming silica gel and then attaching the double-sided adhesive and rolling it.

How does the silicone rubber seal stick

Silicone rubber seal how to adhere there are three more commonly used plans, with the structure of the way to install, do not need to use glue;

(2) the use of RTV silicone glue, at room temperature can be silicone rubber sealing ring and aluminum alloy metal, ordinary glass, tempered glass and other firms.

Generally, the adhesive should clean up and coated with 1mm kn-300 glue. After 30 minutes of pressure, the adhesive should be strong and resistant to high temperature without shifting within 24 hours.

(3) self-adhesive sealing strip, silicone foam sealing strip with double-sided adhesive on the back;

It is split into 5 steps: cleaning, brushing cl-14 silica gel back glue, drying, bonding double-sided adhesive and roller bonding.

High quality silicone seal adhesive - KANGLIBANG

A good silicone adhesive glue industry engineers tell us, meet the requirements of bonding;

(2) easy to use;

Service life and product synchronization;

The kn-300 sealing strip glue can achieve superior sealing, waterproofing and high temperature resistance.

Only need to clean, apply glue, pressure bonding 3 steps;

KANGLIBANG is to creat solution for your problem with bonding silicone, welcome customer inquiry to us.

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