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How does silicone rubber bond?Three common bonding methods

27 Aug 2019

How does silicone rubber bond?Today, conliebon takes a look at three common bonding methods.Here refers to the practice of silicon silicone adhesive between (already forming good silica gel), according to the silica gel products have silicone o-rings, seals, air balloon, miscellaneous pieces of silicone accessories, silicone mobile phone sets, silicone cartoon, silicone baby products, silicone adult supplies, medical products silicone (silicone corrugated pipe, tube, silicone laryngeal mask, silicone catheter, silicone breathing mask, silicone expanders, puncture, blood oxygen probe, etc.) between the silicone rubber adhesive?

Cyanoacrylate adhesive

Silicone rubber how to bond the first method, is also common in the production process: Cyanoacrylate adhesive, immediately stick immediately good, but silica gel needs to do pre-treatment, shortcomings are also obvious after the glue solidification will be hard, the bonding site is brittle, temperature resistance is not high more than 80 degrees, waterproof, oil, acid, alkali and corrosion resistance is not strong!But can meet most of the requirements of silica gel products, so the application is still very extensive!

RTV silicone rubber adhesive

How to bond the second kind of silicone rubber, is RTV silicone rubber adhesive, no pre-treatment, direct bonding, but the curing time is relatively long, complete curing needs 24 hours!The advantage is that the glue is very soft after curing, elastomer, temperature resistance is very good (-60 degrees to 200 degrees), waterproof sealing is no problem!If there are any silicone products surface need injection, this is not the choice of two (warm prompt: the silicone adhesive to glue first 24 hours after complete curing to injection well, don't read the process to make the ha) also have FDA certification, baby supplies, make kitchen utensils and tableware sealing ring, and making friends should know the importance of the FDA medical apparatus and instruments;

HTV temperature vulcanized silicone rubber adhesive

Silicone rubber how to bond the third, is HTV temperature vulcanized silicone rubber adhesive, AB two-component;Also, there is no need for pre-treatment, and it can be directly used after mixing and mixing in proportion. It can be done in 10 seconds at a high temperature of 180 degrees to 250 degrees.Specific time depends on the thickness of silicone products, structure, hardness!The glue is flexible and elastic after solidification, with excellent temperature resistance (-60 ° c to 200 ° c), waterproof and sealing.But the premise that USES this kind of plan is you must form a complete set of professional silica gel hot glue equipment!Do O ring, do the friends of the sealing ring, this is an excellent choice to save labor costs, the efficiency is not to say, one person to operate two machines, there is no problem, compared with the second solution of manual bonding, the output can be improved more than a class!

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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