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How does RTV silicone glue bubble

01 Nov 2019

The silicone glue of RTV often appears foaming in the process of use.

So how can you avoid silicone glue bubble?

Congleton sorted out four reasons for the froth of RSP silicone adhesives as follows: silicone glue varieties, improper use methods, external environment, other.

Knowing that this you can better avoid the glue in the silicone adhesion.

1. The reason for the variety of RTV silicone glue

Numerous brands of RTV silicone glue have similar bubbling phenomenon, after careful testing and repeated supply confirmed that it is not a quality problem.

There are three types of alcohol-type gum. Koto acid type and ketone oxime type, among which methanol contained in alcohol-type gum in the curing process will release gas at about 50, especially in the case of instantaneous high temperature reaction is more intense.

Silicone bonding metal parts, in the summer under high temperature, humidity operation, glue solidification will be faster, glue released as never fully solidified rubber layer out or stay in the gel, forming bubbles.

The silicone glue of condition RTV is prepared by ketoxime and ketosis process, so as to ensure the solidification of the glue without bubbles.

2. Improper use of glue

1. Air is trapped in the glue

Large 330g silica gel glue, coated with glass glue gun.

The cross section quality of the rubber outlet and the proficiency and responsibility of the operator affects the product yield.

Reasonable control of the thickness of the glue, laminating from one side parallel to the other side of the appropriate pressure helps to the discharge of air.

It is better to select the module and fixture to press and band.

2. Rubber injection habit of workers

It is not difficult to make a mistake that the more RTV silicone glue is applied, the better the adhesive is. In fact, condition suggests that the adhesive is controlled under 2mm to achieve a better adhesive effect. Distinct from silicone sealant and peeling force on the market, the main function of glue is adhesion, non-sealing and filling.

3. External environment

RTV silicone glue curing is to absorb water vapor in the air slowly vulcanization forming, so appropriate humidity and temperature can promote the glue curing, but the temperature is too high more than 50, humidity is more than 80% is not conducive to product adhesion.

Encouraging the development of the young will only backfire.

4. Other reasons

There are other reasons for air bubbles in RTV silicone glue, such as the cleanliness of bonding materials, such as material compatibility, which also affects the bonding effect.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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