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Hot vulcanized silicone rubber

06 Apr 2020

What is the process of hot vulcanization process, and what are the commonly used aspects of hot vulcanization process?

There are a lot of just engaged in the silicon rubber industry of the boss of the hot vulcanization process is not special understanding, or it is a little understanding, today xiaobi to talk with you about this kind of process is what kind of process!

Hot cure process

Hot vulcanization is the production of non - model products at high temperatures.

Its heat source is usually steam, and in the rubber industry it can also be used to refer to the vulcanization process by heating (i.e., adding a curing agent to the rubber material for primary and secondary vulcanization).

At present, it is the most commonly used, easy to operate and easy to control.

The rubber material can be heated in the model of the plate vulcanizing machine to obtain the model product, or formed in the vulcanizing tank, according to the requirements of the product heating hot water, hot air, electric heating, etc.

Hot vulcanization process is commonly used in what aspects

In the field of silicon rubber, the unformed silica gel is required to undergo hot vulcanization molding, usually in the plate vulcanizing machine through high temperature molding.

In the field of silica gel bonding is also very many applications, such as unformed silica gel metal bonding, is the need to form the unformed rubber and metal to be adhered to one vulcanization.

Hot vulcanized silicone rubber

Hot vulcanized silicone rubber is a kind of product with large yield and widely used in silicone rubber products.

Adding reinforcing filler, curing agent and other auxiliary agents in the hot vulcanized silicone rubber raw rubber can be obtained by mixing and refining, and processed into various silicone rubber products by forming, extrusion and other general rubber processing methods.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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