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Fluorinated Silicone Rubber and Silicone Glue Adhesive KANGLIBANG Customized Hot Vulcanizing Glue

03 Aug 2019

Fluorinated silicone rubber, commonly known as fluorinated silicone rubber rubber, is a special silicone rubber material with fluorinated alkyl.It has the same -Si-O-Si- type main chain structure as ordinary silicon rubber.It has the advantages of silicone rubber: good heat and cold resistance.Chemical resistance and oil resistance.However, fluorosilica gel cannot bond well with other substrates. In industrial production, fluorosilica gel often needs to be bonded with silica gel, metal and other substrates. Conlibon supports customized fluorosilica gel adhesives.The existing fluorinated silicone rubber rubber hot vulcanizing adhesive has a good effect, and the peel strength of fluorinated silicone rubber, silica gel and metal can exceed 2.0n /mm.

Fluorosilica gel adhesive commonly has the following three kinds: (1) add adhesive accelerator;(2) silica gel primer;(3) containing platinum catalyst fluorosilica gel adhesive.

(1) introduction of adhesion promoters in fluorinated silicone rubber rubber and/or silicone rubber, such as triallyl cyanurate or triallyl isocyanurate, but poor compatibility.

On the bonding of the substrate (2) increase coating adhesive performance of coating agent, such as CL - 24 s - 3 end of silicone coating agents, using methyl propylene oxide propyl silane and titanate three oxygen radicals n-butyl acetate, vinyl dimethyl silica sealing side polydimethylsiloxane, organic peroxides and solvent mixture as bottom coated improve fluorine silicone rubber, silicone rubber and PET, nylon 6, nylon 66, aluminum and steel substrate bonding strength;The use of cl-24s-3 primer can improve the adhesion of fluorinated silicone rubber rubber to various substrates, such as metals, plastics, pressurized vulcanization or hot air vulcanization materials.Disadvantages: coating agent coating after the need to wait for solvent completely volatilized before bonding construction, relatively low efficiency.Solvents are often flammable, explosive and may have certain toxic substances, need to use more attention.

  1. platinum catalysis cl-26ab fluorosilica gel adhesive significantly improve the adhesion, the use of precious metal Pt compound as a catalyst to prepare fluorosilica gel adhesive relatively high cost, prevent the poisoning of the catalyst, transport, storage, use of the environment and formula has certain restrictions.But the bonding is good.It is the glue often used in high-end silica gel products factories.

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