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Comparison and selection guide for platinum-cured silicon or peroxide-cured silicone

06 May 2020

In Silicone Rubber the ‘Platinum Cure Silicone’ and ‘Peroxide Cure Silicone’ are despicable general words.

In Silicone Rubber mankind ‘Platinum Cure Silicone’ and ‘Peroxide Cure Silicone’ are handsome common words. If you are recent to silicone elastomer circle, it may be begotten some ruin while choice one as both are silicone class with dissimilar curing mechanism and have their merits and demerits. In this blog postman, we will try to contribute a particularised comparison and address the common confusions. This will prevent you to compel a better quotation.

Platinum Cure Silicone

What is Curing?

In agreement with Wikipedia demarcation, ‘Silicone Curing’ is a ground chemical process application in polymer chemistry for cross-join polymer iron. It is a intersecting process of elastomer assiduity for hardening or harden un-restorative synthetic or regular rubber bodily into a covet plan and bigness.Curing is customarily done either by adding alchemical additives (curing acting or hardener) or without chemical additives by using exasperation or UV system.

Silicone Rubber Curing

Since Silicone elastomer is also made out of a polymer chain, it also indispensably a similar good of curing before doing finished silicone sarcasm products. Silicone sarcasm, when not remove or harden is a sticky, gummose and indistinct fluid.To stiffen it, it has to endure cross linking and restorative mechanism (hardening mechanism) which is done by a catalyst revulsion i.e. trial couple a fluid polymer system where it adjust up and harden. Silicone is brought to an ideal shape and size mostly by a two-step process. This is done at the moment of devise and then extended in an after cure anapophysis. The operative elements while curing swerve synthetically to give the finished spring with variegated properties. This process is unchangeable.

For silicone bumper, there are two most frequently used curing systems. Platinum Cure System, and Peroxide Cure System.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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