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Agate kl-6620ab bonded by liquid silicone

20 Aug 2019

silicone, also known as silicic acid gel, is a highly active adsorption material, which is widely used in life;Manaus stone is often used in jewelry, but it is necessary to say that the two are bonded, I believe many people think it is not easy to stick it, liquid silicone bonding manaus stone, choose kl-6620ab silicone adhesive stone glue, it is not easy to become easy.

liquid silicone bonding manaus stone

Agate is a colloidal agglomerate of silica, which is usually cut, ground and polished to make various ornaments and ornaments.In the process of making ornaments, sometimes silicone is also needed to be glued to enhance the stability or improve the appearance of ornaments.However, many glues on the market will appear in the bonding process of various ballads.For example, the stone must be soaked for a long time.

Kl-6620ab liquid silicone glue agate, agate, no problem, stone, and silicone are strong inertia, need to use glue to soak the stone for a long time, to make the bonding effect better, cl-24s long time immersion will not cause damage to the base material and container.Kl-6620ab two-component liquid silicone glue is used to heat and rapidly cure liquid silicone rubber. This compound has good flow support before curing, good tensile strength and toughness after curing, and good electrical insulation.It has good adhesion to glass and agate.

Due to the need to soak the stone material, it is recommended to choose inert containers, such as PE, PP and other materials, similar containers are very cost-effective.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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