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Advantages and disadvantages of solid silicone and liquid silicone

09 Aug 2019

Solid silicone is the abbreviation of solid silicone mixing rubber, industry commonly known as high temperature silicone rubber (HTV silicone rubber);Liquid Silicone Rubber comes from the English "Liquid Silicone Rubber", abbreviated as LSR, which is a Liquid (state) organic Silicone material with flowing property.The following is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of silicone from the use, characteristics, use method and other parameters.



(1) solid silicone : in the double pentafulcanizing agent under high temperature vulcanization molding, made of various silica products for daily use, industrial miscellaneous parts, automobile accessories and other products, with better physical performance.

(2) liquid silicone : for liquid shape, easy to shape, often used to make mold copy products, and this is the solid silicone rubber is unable to achieve.Liquid silicone rubber is also a better adhesive material.Baby supplies, kitchen supplies, medical supplies and other fields


(1) solid silicone rubber: products after the second vulcanization can generally pass the FDA test, reach food grade standards.It must be vulcanized at high temperature.

(2) liquid silicone : according to the processing process can be divided into: condensation type, plus molding 2 kinds.The condensed silicone rubber can't reach the food grade standard, and the formed silicone rubber can pass the food grade certification standard.Both can be cured at room temperature.


(1) solid silicone : more than a single component, can be in the double four, double pentafulcanizing agent catalyzed by heating vulcanization molding, often with plate vulcanizing machine pressure test, heating mold use.After mixing with mixing machine, the cutting machine cuts the products into appropriate sizes and thickness of the molds, and then puts them into the molds, which are moulded at a certain temperature under the pressure molding machine.Completely vulcanized and undressed.

(2) liquid silicone: AB two-component majority, platinum sulfide system.In liquid silicone injection machine molding, vulcanization equipment for injection molding machine.Injection molding machine process automation, high feeding accuracy, high yield (A/B glue mixed in A few seconds at A certain temperature molding), save people, save electricity, save materials and many other advantages, liquid silicone in silicone products industry share increases every year.

Advantages and disadvantages of finished products:

(1) solid silicone products: transparency bottom, vulcanizing agent or other cover vulcanizing agent fragrance, product parting line, due to low feeding accuracy, there are flash, need to manually flash.

(2) liquid silicone products: high environmental protection level, high transparency, no odor, easy processing, products with glue injection mouth;

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