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Adhesive industry in China has made progress

20 Feb 2020

At present, the progress of adhesive industry in China is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

Production technology advances rapidly

The technology of adhesive production in China has made great strides.

New production technologies, such as radiation, uv curing and interpenetrating network, play a major role in improving product performance and quality.

With the application of new technologies, new products also emerge in endlessly, polyurethane modified poly (vinyl acetate cream white latex emulsion, frost resistance, double horse modified epoxy resin conductive rubber, organic silicon modified epoxy resin structural adhesive, polyurethane modified epoxy resin adhesive modification, grafting, such as copolymerization and blending type and special type adhesives have been developed, its superior performance, to meet various needs of the application of industry development, replaced parts imports, improve the whole quality of adhesive industry in China.

Adhesive production equipment has also been significantly improved and updated.

The 7m3 emulsion polymerization spiral semipublic tube jacket reactor designed and manufactured by ourselves in China has good operational quality and some of them have realized DCS control.

Coating machine and cutting machine has reached the international medium level, the width of up to 1.3 -- 2.0 meters, coating speed up to 120 ~ 150 meters/min;

Various automatic control facilities such as conducting electrostatic off-cylinder electrostatic elimination technology, tension control device, a high sensitivity sensor, frequency modulation and speed regulation system have been successfully put into production, replacing imports.

With the continuous improvement of technical level, some new products with high performance, high quality and high added value have been put into production, especially water-based adhesive, hot-melt adhesive and hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesive and other environmental adhesives have gradually become the mainstream of synthetic adhesives.

New products keep popping up

Due to the successful development of various synthetic resins and synthetic rubber, especially the production and commercialization of some representative polymers such as phenolic resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, unsaturated resin, epoxy resin and neoprene rubber, the rapid development of adhesives and adhesive technology has been promoted.

Since the last century 80's, adhesive and adhesive technology progress is remarkable, the adhesive with new outstanding performance appears ceaselessly, and because of unique adhesive technology, make it his special multifunctional, can achieve multiple purposes.

Some modified, technical, copolymerized and special adhesives have been prepared, some have been industrialized.

Such as polyurethane modified poly vinyl acetate emulsion white latex, frost resistance, two horses modified epoxy resin conductive adhesive, silicone modified epoxy resin structural adhesive, polyurethane modified epoxy resin adhesive, micro bubble type room temperature curing one-component polyurethane adhesive, flame retardant of polyurethane pouring sealant, and viscous good spherical shape acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive and the adhesive tape and so on, has many excellent properties, these products not only meet the various needs, and improve the adhesive products in China, to replace the import parts.

The application field is expanding.

At present, the application of adhesive has infiltrated into various sectors of the national economy, such as clothing, light industry, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, electronic appliances, transportation, medical and health, posts and telecommunications, warehouse storage and other fields, become an indispensable technology in industrial production.

The application in the field of high technology is particularly remarkable. It is pointed out that 5-10k8 adhesive is used in the production of a car abroad.

The bonding area of a Boeing aircraft is 2400m2;

A space plane needs to glue 30,000 pieces of ceramic.

In the automotive industry (including cars, trucks, motorcycles and related vehicles) the application of adhesive is for the sake of simple process, reliable performance, economic efficiency;

Used for structural connection, fixation and sealing of metal, plastic, fabric, glass, rubber, etc., itself or between each other and painted surfaces.

About 25 types of adhesives are appropriate for automotive assembly, with about 9kg per typical vehicle.

One of the most widely used adhesives in the automotive industry is the neoprene solvent adhesive, which is utilized to bond PVC roofs and now tends to be pressure sensitive.

The main function of sealants (sealants and gaskets) used in cars and trucks is tantamount to isolate air, dust and water in order to reduce corrosion or improve comfort.

"Shenzhou-6" spacecraft cockpit, floor, antenna, solar cells, instrument cabin and other important parts, must withstand the super high, low temperature changes and the strong impact of the huge test still tightly stick together.

To achieve this requirement is in need of excellent performance of structural adhesives, epoxy resin adhesive is recognized as the best and leading use of structural adhesives.

Epoxy resin itself is the adhesive, in the process of application according to the process and application requirements with epoxy curing agent reaction, can complete the curing, achieve the adhesive function.

Shenzhen kanglibang science and technology co., ltd. Is a supplier of specialty materials for China's space launches. The special epoxy resin provided by the company has excellent performance and plays an irreplaceable role in closely bonding the structure of the spacecraft.

The formulation, test environment and the base material of the structural adhesive for aerospace epoxy resin are kept secret.

Epoxy structural adhesives are widely used in the aerospace and aerospace industries to manufacturing honeycomb sandwich structures, fully bonded sheet metal structures, composite metal structures (such as steel-aluminum, aluminum-magnesium, steel-bronze, etc.) and composite structures of metal-polymer composites.

Used for wing skin, fuselage wainscot, satellite structure, rocket engine shell, etc.

Used in the shipbuilding industry for screw and stern shaft jointing, crankshaft jointing.

In the machine manufacturing industry used in heavy machine tool screw sleeve bonding, its precision and strength are more important than the integral screw.

KANGLIBANG is to creat solution for your problem with bonding silicone, welcome customer inquiry to us.

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