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Adhesive high - function is the future trend

20 Feb 2020

Adhesive performance requirements depend on the application requirements.

If the stamp is affixed to the envelope, the performance requirement is very low;

But the paper adhesive, binding or paper packaging adhesive requirements will be more.

From the locking of a screw to the structural bonding of a large aircraft, performance requirements are gradually increasing and improving.

With the diversification of application requirements, can't only consider the adhesive itself in isolation, but to put it in a joint, adhesive bonding component that contains the structure of the whole system, therefore, puts forward general on adhesive, the properties of bonding reversibility, balance and use higher performance requirements, such as the durability, thus promote the adhesive to high performance, high functional, multi-functional and intelligent direction.

The high-performance of the adhesive is the improvement of the adhesive strength and the foundation of the functionalization.

However, the intelligence is the adhesive to meet the higher performance requirements of its functional development.

So the "functional specificity" of the functional adhesive refers to not simply high-performance, should refer to the basis of different general high function and multi-function.

Adhesive this special function mainly includes two aspects: one is to make the adhesive part to meet the high-performance requirements of the function;

One is to make it operate, use and decompose, destroy the function under the condition of no or slight negative effect or benefit.

By "benefits", we mean economic, social and environmental benefits.

The latter, in particular, has attracted extensive attention due to people's concerns about ecological damage, environmental pollution and thinking about sustainable development strategies, and the latter functions related to improving efficiency, saving resources, saving energy and to protecting the environment.

This is not only from the conscience of science and technology personnel, but more importantly from the strict regulations.

It is a problem to improve the performance of silica gel adhesive.

Nonetheless, it is also an opportunity to provide a good development space for its functionalization.

The enhancement of performance requirements promotes the diversification and high functionalization of the adhesive;

Conversely, the adhesive of abnormal function, multi-function even intelligence, can better meet the needs of all aspects, will promote the development of its own and related technology.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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