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Add molding liquid silicone rubber is what?

20 Sep 2019

What is a molded liquid silicone rubber?

The addition of molded liquid silicone rubber is a kind of silicone material with vinyl polysiloxane as the base polymer and si-h bond polysiloxane as the crosslinking agent. In the presence of platinum catalyst, it can be crosslinked and vulcanized at room temperature or under heating.

molded liquid silicone rubber

Addition of liquid silicone rubber and condensation type of liquid silicone rubber, according to the product packaging form also has a single component and two components;

According to the vulcanized state, there are rubber, gel, foam, spherical differential.

By adjusting the formula and controlling the vulcanization rate with the addition reaction inhibitor, the product can be made suitable for various USES.

【 kanglibang 】 plus molding liquid silicone rubber use method:

1, with the release of the mold surface treatment smooth, release agent can be vaseline or water diluted detergent water.

Dry after treatment.

2. Take an appropriate amount of silica gel of component AB with an electronic scale, mix and stir evenly in a 1:1 ratio.

3. Put the stirred silica gel into a real empty box to drain bubbles. In the process of stirring, bubbles will be mixed in silica gel.

4. If it is a product, the foaming silica gel can be directly injected into the mold. If it is a mold, it can be directly injected into the product or brushed on the product.

5. The curing speed of formed silica gel has a great relationship with the ambient temperature. It takes 4-6 hours for complete curing under the condition of 25 ° c at room temperature.

6. After the silica gel is fully cured, a mold or product is ready.

Be careful when taking out molds to prevent damage to molds or products.

[kanglibang] additional molding liquid silicone rubber adhesion should note:

1. Do not smoke during operation

2. Vacuum extraction should be handled well.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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