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7 common problems and solutions of self-adhesive adhesive

26 Jul 2019

7 common problems and solutions of self-adhesive adhesive

Self-adhesive adhesive is the abbreviation of silicone glue with self-adhesive liquid for selective substrate.There are often bubbles, impurities, products pockmark, local lack of glue, color difference, easy to tear, composite non-bonding and other seven major problems.Today, kanglibang collects self-adhesive solutions for free.

self-adhesive adhesive

(1) self-adhesive bubble how to do?

Answer: self-adhesive products appear white spot, can increase the number of exhaust, reasonable control of temperature and curing time.According to different product Suggestions to see the manufacturer to provide relevant instructions.

(2) self-adhesive adhesive product impurities do?

Answer: common have impurity phenomenon, have grain, filth black spot to wait.The colloid can be filtered by fine filter net to thoroughly clean the channels of the feeding system and the stains on the surface of the mold.

(3) PC glass self-adhesive hemp surface how to do?

Answer: since viscose after curing surface uneven, often because the temperature is too high or too low, injection pressure is not uniform or pressure is not enough.It is recommended to debug the appropriate parameters in the proofing process.

(4) local lack of finished products

Answer: causes the self-adhesive lack of glue, the injection pressure is too small, the self-adhesive lack, the mold surface damage and other factors;The former two appeared in the far end of the glue injection mouth, while the latter appeared in the fixed place.It can be analyzed and solved according to the actual situation.

5. Self-adhesive has color difference

Answer: self-adhesive adhesive is transparent color. In order to ensure product diversity, color paste is often added. Most of these problems are caused by uneven mixing of rubber materials.

6 self-adhesive products easy to tear.

Answer: the brittle self-adhesive products may be caused by excessive vulcanizing agent, high vulcanizing temperature, and too long curing time. The solution: the product size can be adjusted appropriately.

7. Self-adhesive composite material does not stick

A: self-adhesive non-adhesive, mainly due to the substrate related differences and cleanliness.It is suggested to clean the surface of the substrate first and then brush with glue.Glass self - adhesive KL-2680 has different bonding properties to ordinary glass and high boron glass.

KANGLIBANG is to creat solution for your problem with bonding silicone, welcome customer inquiry to us.

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