Platinum catalysts PT-4000 - PET Protective Film Adhesive
Platinum catalysts PT-4000 - PET Protective Film Adhesive
Platinum catalysts PT-4000

Product Specification:
Model No. : PT-4000
Minimum Order Quantity :   1KG
Lead Time:7-10 Days
Payment Terms:   T/T ,Paypal , Western Union
Package:   1KG/Bottle
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PT-4000 is a platinum catalyst for the cure of PSA silicone adhesive and for addition-type silicone rubber. 

Mainly applied to for the curing purpose of PSA adhesive , medical and food grade silicone rubber ,,electronic potting glues,silicone rubber ink

Coating Material ,protective film ,release film.


Product Specifications


Transparent liquid 
Viscosity(mixed fluid) 1000~1500mpa.s
Light transmission 94%
Refractive index 1.48
pt content 4000PPM
Specifical gravity 1.04g/cm3

1, The retardant is suppose to be added and mixed in the ready -for- cure material  before PT-4000 is added.  otherwise , the cure purpose result in failure.   

2, Stop use of PT-4000 when  the temperature of the roller mixer is above 45 degrees.                                                               

3, The adding ratio varies according to different application.  the mixing ratio is 1.2%  for PSA Silicone adhesive of 100% solid contents.


1,Avoid contact  with organic substance like nitrogen,phosphorus,sulphur and heavy metal As/Pb/Sn and Bi , otherwise , The cure purpose result in failure.    

2,Consume the PT-4000 added material right in the day . if not , it will lose function.                                                          

3,Choose the raw silicone correctly when fowarding to hot air vulcanization, if not , bubbles will appear.                                            

4,The PT-4000 is kept away from Hydrogen silicon, otherwise , severe chemical reaction occurs and even explode.

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