Peel adhesion Adjuster - PET Protective Film Adhesive
Peel adhesion Adjuster - PET Protective Film Adhesive
Peel adhesion Adjuster

Product Specification:
Model No. : KL-6600
Minimum Order Quantity :   20KGS
Lead Time:7-10 Days
Payment Terms:   T/T, Paypal , Western Union
Package:   20KGS/50KGS/180KGS
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Peel adhesion Adjuster  KL-6600


KL-6600 is a fast heat cure type  addition type liquid silicone resin, matched with low peel adhesion silicone (PSA)and platinum catalysts in use. 

Adjust the peel adhesion from 0~30g,High temperature tapings, PET Protective film, Battery protective tapes

Product Specifications

Appearance Transparent or shallow yellow liquid 
Viscosity 10~20cps
Light transmission  94%
Refractive index 1.48
Solid content 60%
Specifical gravity 0.85g/cm3

Product Advantage

High peeling adhesion

                                                                                                         Stable peel adhesion

                                                                                                         in high temperature&humidity environment



(for example, coated 10 microns stripping force 3g/25 mm)

1.Dented roller coating method:Solid content 24% ,mixing in uniformity with solvent by a weight ratio of P4000:2610B:KL-298:6600:Solvent =1:200:10:40:340

Comma Knife coating method:Solid content 35% ,mixing in uniformity with solvent by a weight ratio of P4000:2610B:KL-298:6600:Solvent=1:200:10:40:160

2. Taking material according to proportion, firstly mix KL298 with solvent evenly ,orderly followed by 6600→2610B→P4000, thoroughly mixture for 20 minutes

3. Defoaming treatment with vacuum by requirements. Coating uniformity of silicone adhesive on the silicone or PET film surface by coating method.

4. Curing : (Example:coating thickness: 10μm) baking for 1 minutes at 130℃.



1,The solvent is better to choose mixed solvent,Such as xylene:acetic ether:cyclohexanone=80:15:5 or toluene:butanone=1:1
2,The base material surface by adhesive through corona treatment,Cleaning base materials and keep it dry, no dust and oil.
3,Controlling and checking the viscosity during the coating process. Pay attention to have enough  quantity for once and make it deeply cured.                 
4,The mixed silicone adhesive should be used up within 6 hours, if high viscosity happens,should stop using.
5,The adhesive after mixture containing volatile solvent,the work place should be ventilated and workers should wear labor protection tools during the coating process. Away from flame, high temperature and pay attention to static electricity.



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TDS: KL-6600