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What glue is used to glue ABSPC with silica gel

06 Dec 2019 - Silicone adhesive ABS+PC

Silicone adhesive ABS+PC with what glue good?

Which glue is good?

Professional silicone glue should be used to bond to ABS+PC with silica gel.

Brands at home and abroad can stick.

But on the overall bonding solution, or domestic manufacturers are in an advantage.

Plastic ABS, PC is not part of the high-temperature resistant material, silicone adhesive ABS+PC, generally silica gel after the mold molding, finished products, and then to bond with ABS+PC.

Quick dry glue bonding method: about 5-6 minutes to view the bonding effect.

1. The silicone to be bonded to be treated with K770 first. The K770 treating agent is liquid, which is easy to exploit.

Silicone coated with K770 primer can be dispensed within 12 hours (there may be differences in each treatment agent, please check with the manufacturer).

2. Press the quick dry adhesive 601 points on the silicone or ABS+PC side (which side is more convenient) and press them together for several seconds.

Silicone adhesive ABS+PC

Place at room temperature for 1 minute to see the bonding effect.

Advantages of quick drying:

1. Quick bonding speed, dispensing can be utilized.

2. Environmental protection grade ordinary SGS.

3. Effective viscosity, can reach the degree of silicone tear.

4. Resistance to high and low temperature (-40°-100).

Disadvantages of quick drying:

1. If the silicone is thin, the adhesive area may be slightly white and hard.

However, there are also low albino fast - drying gum market.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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