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What does silicone hot vulcanizing glue have better?

02 Aug 2019 - Silicone hot vulcanizing glue,Good adhesion strong bond

Silicone hot vulcanizing glue, also known as silicone hot vulcanizing adhesive, divided into three categories: silicone low-temperature platinum vulcanizing adhesive (liquid silicone), silicone low-temperature platinum vulcanizing adhesive (solid silica gel), silicone high-temperature vulcanizing adhesive.

There are different types of glue application for double two-four vulcanization system, platinum vulcanization system and double two-five vulcanization system.

[KANGLIBANG] silicone gule hot vulcanizing glue series has single component products and two-component products, which type of products can be used according to the application environment and bonding objects.

Silicone hot vulcanizing glue

Silicone hot vulcanizing glue of which there are thick liquid, colloidal liquid transparent liquid, light yellow liquid, and red liquid.

There are silicone adhesive metal, special metal, epoxy resin, nylon, glass fiber + nylon, PET, high temperature tape, PC, glass, ceramics, bakelwood, silicone cots and other substrate.

Silicone hot vulcanizing glue

The application of adhesive products is mainly: kitchen silicone supplies, electrical products, silicone miscellaneous parts, watches, PET mobile phone protective film, high temperature adhesive tape, calendo shade coating coating agent, silicone mobile case, baby products, 3C electronic products, silicone medical equipment, diving glasses and other 3C products, silicone adhesive miscellaneous parts and other applications.

KANGLIBANG is to creat solution for your problem with bonding silicone, welcome customer inquiry to us.

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