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Silicone products Handle oil coating and PU Coating difference

16 Jul 2019 - coating solution for silicone keypads,silicone rubber keypads,precision silicone electronic products,precision silicone part,Soft touch coating

coating solution for silicone keypads

Feel oil and PU are the most common surface coating processes for silica gel products. They form a protective film on the surface of silica gel products by spraying. In terms of appearance, the two processes are very similar, so that many people confuse the identification of the two processes.Hengchang silica gel summarizes some characteristics, for you to distinguish the silicone products feel oil and PU spray difference.

Distinguish from the appearance: feel oil spraying, the surface is slightly white fog (matt) state;After spraying the surface has two states, fog and bright.Among them, the appearance of mist surface is basically similar to the feel of oil, which is difficult to distinguish.And bright surface has certain burnish and reflex, have bigger distinction with feel oil.

Distinguish from the touch: feel oil spray, touch feel delicate and smooth, frosted touch;PU spray, no matter the fog surface is still dumb, touch rough.It is the simplest and most direct way to distinguish handle oil coating and PU from touch.Differences between handle oil coating and PU in performance:

Feel oil: good dustproof effect, easy to clean up the dirty surface, weak wear resistance;

PU: easy to generate electrostatic dust adsorption, excellent wear resistance;

Differences between handle oil coating and PU in application:

Feel oil: it is applied to silicone sleeve, silicone button and other silicone rubber products to improve the appearance level, character wear resistance and tactile sense, and effectively avoid dust and dirt absorption of silicone products;

PU: it is mainly used in silica gel buttons and silica gel products with high requirement for character wear-resisting life.

Differences between handle oil coating and PU in cost:

Handle oil: conventional ink for ordinary spraying, no complex or special processing requirements, relatively common cost;

PU: special high-adhesion ink is required. Discharge treatment is required before spraying, and the curing of PU after spraying has strict requirements and relatively high cost.

To sum up, the difference between silicone products spray feel oil and PU two processes, especially the difference in performance and cost, when the need for silicone mold, should evaluate the actual application and demand of the product, choose the appropriate process.

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