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Silicone glue to PVC

21 Aug 2019 - silicone bond PVC

    What is PVC?PVC is a chemical compound found in the English word Polyvinylchloride.The price is cheap, widely used such as waterproof rolling material, PVC pipe, PVC board, tape, floor, water pipes, etc.But silica gel adhesive PVC glue is relatively door.Silicone is difficult to stick, PVC material high temperature resistance, heat resistance poor performance.Conlibon silicone rubber and PVC adhesive manufacturer, brand 460 glue own formula, with non-toxic low odor, 20g sticks or 1KG bottle packaging.With K770 primer, the surface of silicone rubber can be activated preferentially.At room temperature bonding strength, firm not easy to degum, long life, moderate price.Has been for 1000+ customer professional services.Also suitable for silicone and PVC, ABS, PP, PPR and other plastic adhesive.

    PVC glue refers to PVC special glue for mutual bonding.However, in view of the silicone PVC composite does not stick, many PVC adhesive manufacturers also take the differentiated segmentation field, kanglibang technology company chose the silicone and PVC adhesive segmentation field.Developed a variety of silicone adhesive PVC glue, silicone and PVC plastic can be very good adhesion, not easy to degum, long service life.

silicone bond PVC

Silicone glue to PVC

    The 460 glue is a cyanopropyl acid instant glue, different from the 502 glue.Single component, non-toxic and low odor, at room temperature silicone (silicone rubber) and ABS, PC, PVC, PP and other plastic materials can obtain strong adhesive effect.Note: the silica gel surface should be activated with K770 in advance.Suggest besmear brush 1-2 times to use after drying.458, 460, 490, 603, 601, 803 these instant adhesives that can stick silica gel also have good bonding performance against PVC plastics.Samples can be provided for testing.

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