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LSR Silicone Overmolding Thermal Plastic Guide

25 Dec 2017 - LSR Silicone ovemolding thermalplastic,lsr silicone overmolding thermal plastic guide

 Guide on LSR silicone overmolding thermal plastic substrates by injection molding

In recent years , the silicone made product is combination of softness and hardness by  LSR silicone overmolding substrates technology . the technology had extended to thermalplastics material . the LSR, in some extend ,had better heat tolerance capacity , flexibility and chemical resistant ,self lubricant etc.

lsr silicone overmolding thermal plastics

The long term stable bonding had become the most difficult and critical part of this technology . and we are trying to apply a primer coating outside the thermal plastic substrates .


But the cleaness of the substrates plays an important part on the bonding , so keeping the substrates clean and dry is quite important .

Keep up a high molding temperature on substrates is also important , LSR Silicone ovemolding thermal plastic is a process of chemical reaction . it is the result of time , curing temperature and pressure. In usual , the higher the temperature , the better the result. The higher the temperature means shorter curing time and production speed .

The adding of inner release agent or Self rubricant  on the thermalplastic substrates is forbidden as it affects  the adhesion of LSR to thermalplastics . outter release agent is forbidden as well .  Avoiding the use of substance containing sulfurous or amines which inhibit the curing of LSR Silicone, That's part of the  guide on LSR Silicone overmolding thermal plastics . all in all , practice makes perfect. 

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