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Common application and advantage of medical silicone gel

08 Aug 2019 - Good adhesion strong bond,Silicone adhesive,Silicone primers

With the wide application of silicone gel in medical field, especially silicone gel in medical field will have great achievements.Two-component silicone gel kl-6634 is an environmentally friendly pressure sensitive adhesive that can be used for medical/health/odor.Medical silicone gel, [KANGLIBANG] focuses on the r&d and production of silicone gel for more than 10 years, paying attention to environmental protection and health, odorless, low VOC, environmental protection, thermal curing at 90℃ for 10 minutes, and completely curing into medical silicone gel film.Excellent softness, low viscosity, easy to process.

medical  silicone  adhesive

Medical silicone gel [KANGLIBANG] KL-6634

Medical FDA certification + biological compatibility 13485 medical grade certification

Amiable skin excellent softness hardness in shaw 20 to 30A direct;Low viscosity 20,000 to 50,000;Easy to process, coating, brush, spray and other processes can be applied.Application: medical gel pad, medical silicone gel patch, medical skin patch, adhesive and self-adhesive material for biological medical application, scar patch, milk patch, etc.

medical silicone glue

2. How to cure silicone

The coating must be well suitable for the environment. It is recommended that the operation workshop adopt dust-free treatment, the temperature is controlled at about 90℃, and the humidity is controlled at 15 ~ 60%.Too much dust will lead to undesirable increase, too low temperature will lead to poor leveling and falling adhesion, too high humidity will easily lead to film shrinkage, too low humidity will easily lead to electrostatic safety hazards, surface whitening phenomenon.The prepared adhesive should be used up within 1 hour. If the adhesive viscosity is significantly increased or the gel appears, it should be stopped using.

silicone glue

3. Eight advantages of medical silicone gel:

A. this medical silicone gel is A flexible skin adhesive, A two-component platinum catalyzed transparent silicone elastomer;

B. Curing temperature range: heating and curing at 90℃ for 8-10 minutes, no by-products are produced;

C. Solvent-free two-component system;Transparent before and after curing;Platinum catalytic curing system;

D. Low viscosity before curing, easy to process;Excellent softness, no stress;

E. Extremely low permeability after curing, excellent toxicity resistance;By adjusting the proportion of AB material, the adhesive force can be adjusted;

F. can be repeated and pasted more than 2000 times

G. Polyethylene release film can be used

H. Physiological compatibility, toxic cells, skin irritation and other tests.

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H Building ,Xinwei The 3rd Industrial Park,Dalang Street,Longhua New District , Shenzhen City ,Guangdong Province ,China


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